Our Learning



Our Maths this term has been all about times tables and number bonds. Our topics have been on place value of numbers, addition & subtraction, shape, and year 2 have also covered statistics, multiplication and division. Year 1 are becoming superstars at number bonds and year 2 are becoming marvellous with times tables. Throughout the half term we have done lots of practical maths activities too.


In English, we have been looking at the story ‘Harry the Happy Mouse’ First we planned our own poems and recited them off by heart to the class and they thoroughly enjoyed this. We have explored the characters, settings and events and have been acting out parts of the story. The children have also created some wonderful, imaginative story maps to help them write their own stories. They have also worked hard applying their phonics knowledge to help them write.

We have also been learning about Non-Chronological Reports.  We linked it to our History & Art topic of ‘Christopher Columbus & Andy Goldsworthy.’ We tried to include a question, an answer and a picture.      



Animals including humans (Humans – Senses) -We have identified similarities and differences of animals, learnt about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and identified, described and compared the structure of a variety of different animals, fish, reptiles and birds.

Everyday Materials and their uses – We have identified a variety of different materials and their properties, described materials and grouped them.


Our Geography focus for the Autumn Term is ‘Where in the World’. We focussed on the U.K. and finding out about location, human and physical features of the U.K. We now know the four countries and capitals of the U.K and its surrounding seas. The children loved exploring maps, making their own maps and finding the U.K on a globe.


Our focus has been on the explorer ‘Christopher Columbus’ To be able to name a famous person from the past and explain why they are famous. We linked our History topic to English and children have written non – chronological reports on Christopher Columbus. We also video ourselves in the Role of Christopher Columbus and remembered facts about his life.



We are covering the units ‘What is the same and different about us’ and ‘Who is special to us’ We enjoy our PSHE lessons because we talk as a class and enjoy listening to each other. PSHE is extremely important throughout school and children are aware of this too.


We enjoy following Charanga for our Music sessions. Learning lots about rhythm and beat in songs. We enjoy singing in groups or as a whole class and love to perform to the rest of the class.       


During P.E. we have been learning all about invasion games and working together as a team. We have also had a teacher who has been teaching us gymnastics and we have been having dance lessons in the church hall.



We have been looking at the artist Andy Goldsworthy and we made collages outdoors using leaves, acorns, sticks, pine needles and pebbles. The children had great fun finding out all about his life and writing a non – chronological report in English.


We have focussed on Christianity this term and our key questions are, what do people say about God? And How might some people show that they ‘belong’ to God? We have talked about God, prayers, places of worship and what people celebrate in a church. We have also watched videos of how churches look inside and how they all look similar.