Summer Term 2021


This term we have studied 2 books-Mortal Engines and The Boy in the Tower.

Through Mortal Engines, the children created some fantastic dystopian writing, focussed around their own traction settlements. They explored the characters of Shrike and Hester Shaw and grew to love characters such as Peavy.

In the Boy in the Tower, we found out about an extra-terrestrial lifeform which began to invade the streets of London. Our hero became trapped inside a cage of vines that surrounded his tower block and only through bravery could he defeat his new enemy. The children responded well to this through a range of different writing opportunties


Children spent this term consolidating their knowledge and ensuring they were 'ready to progress'. We looked at measurement, time and shape to ensure children had a secure understanding of these areas. As always, we kept on top of arithmetic, multiplication and division facts and quick facts.


This term, we have looked at Space and Changing materials.

What can I find out about the Earth and Space?

Key Knowledge:

· Know the position and movement of the Earth in space

· Identify planets in the solar system and their orbit of the sun

· Explore various theories behind the Big Bang Theory

How and why do materials change?

Key knowledge

  • Filtering, evaporating and sieving

  • Dissolving and solutions

  • Reversible and irreversible change

  • Chemical and physical changes


In history this half term, children have learnt all about the differences between the decades from post war Britain to the 90's. They have noticed how social, economical, and technological changes have advanced the way we live and could make clear comparisons between these moments in time.


We have really enjoyed our music sessions this half term with Mr Rigby. We've been learning about Samba music, and experienced ways of playing it through a variety of different instruments.


This term we have completed a unit on emergency first aid with St John's ambulance and participated in our relationship and sex education sessions.

Creative Curriculum

We have spent a good amount of time this half term preparing and filming our end of year production. From learning lines and songs to small group acting sessions, we were really proud of our hard work. The production was shared privately with parents through the school Youtube channel and had great success!

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