Spring Term 2 (C3)

Updated: Feb 12, 2020


The children will start by writing a short fantasy story. They will then study non-chronological reports and write their own. Finally they will ready Greek mythology and write their own version of a greek myth.


This half term we will finish our work on fractions then go onto decimals and percentages before concentrating on measurement, perimeter, area and volume.


When we have finished learning about healthy hearts and bodies, we will be learning about electricity. We are very lucky to be taking part in the Bright Sparks workshop for a whole day. This enables us to carry out electrical investigations using specialised equipment.


The children will be making Greek vases from clay.


We are going to be creating multimedia presentations and using them to present our findings about the Ancient Greeks to the class.


The children will be taking part in gymnastics, games and hockey activities.


This half term we will investigate what Hindus learn from stories about Krishna.


We will continue to learn the recorder using 'Hip Hop' as the basis of our lessons.


The children are going to continue concentrating on respecting differences.


We will continue learning about parts of the body and how to say that something hurts. We will then learn how to say what we look like.

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