Spring Term 1 (C3)


The children will start by producing newspaper reports and empathetic writing, They will then write their own version of Greek myth.


This half term we are concentrating on division; statistics and measurement - perimeter, area and volume. In addition to this they will be learning and having weekly times tables tests.


We are learning about exercise; health and the circulatory system; the heart; blood vessels and blood; how nutrients, oxeygen and water are transported within the body; the impact of diet, exercise and lifestyle; and how drugs and tobacco affect the functioning of our bodies.


The children will be making Greek vases from clay.


This half term we will be continuing our multimedia lessons, making our own news reports.


This half term we are continuing learning about how to Qur'an supports the daily life of muslims. We will the start to discover what hindus learn from the stories about Krishna.


The children are going to be concentrating on relationships.


We will continue to use the rock anthem 'Livin' on a prayer' as the basis of our lessons on singing, playing instruments, improvising and composing. Later we will start to learn the recorder.


The children will be taking part in outdoor adventure activities and sports hall athletics.


We will be learning about the parts of the body and how to say that something hurts. We will the learning how to say what we look like.

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