Autumn Term 2 (C2)


This term we will cover narratives to build suspense, learn poetry by heart and complete a book study around The Wonder Emporium. We will develop our understanding of inverted commas and fronted adverbials.


This term we are developing our understanding of addition and subtraction, and use of the column method. We also continue to secure our understanding of multiplication facts, and create songs and chants to support these.


Our learning this half term will be about the human body, we will be learning about the digestive system and its functions and learning about the functions of different teeth.


Children will be finding out about programming to create a game using the app Hopscotch. They will develop their understanding of debugging.


We will be learning about Hinduism, Diwali and the celebration of Christmas. In PSHE we will be learning about rules and why they are made.


We will be learning about the history of medicine, comparing methods for treating disease from the prehistoric to current day.

Art & Design

We will be learning about Leonardo Da Vinci, using his art to focus on the skill of drawing.


We will be following the unit Stand By Me and developing understanding of glockenspiel skills. We will also listen and appraise a variety of pop music.

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