Autumn Term 1 (C3)


The children have started listening to and writing their own slam poetry. They are going to write instructions for making masks and Guatemalan food then an explanation of the ancient Mayan game of pok-a-tok. Finally they will study ‘Rain Player’ by David Wisniewski and write their own Mayan myth.

Maths This half term we are concentrating on:

  1. place value

  2. mental and written addition and subtraction

  3. mental and written multiplicationand division

In addition to this they will be learning and having weekly times tables tests.

Science We will start by learning about materialsand their properties including thermal and electrical conductors and insulators. Then we will learn about reversible changes and how to reverse these changes.

Art The children are making masks frompapier mache then researching and making their own Mayan masks. They will then learn about the ancient art of Mayan weaving and textile designs. They will create designs that represent their identity and view of the world.

Computing This half term we will be designing ourown website. It promises to be very enjoyable and interesting.

PE We have started the half term withathletics and when the weather worsens will learn Rock and Roll dancing with Mrs Hyde.

Music We will be using the rock anthem ‘Livin’ on a prayer‘ as the basis of our lessons on singing, playing instruments, improvising and composing.

RE This half term we are learning about Judaism and the holocaust with Mrs Scott.

PSHE The children are going to beconcentrating on Health and Wellbeing this half term.

Spanish We will be learning greetings, colours,numbers, parts of the face and body and how to tell someone where you live.

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