Autumn 2021


Key texts:

King Kong - Anthony Browne

The golden horsemen of Baghdad- Saviour Pirotta

Writing focus- News

paper reports, dialogue, instructional texts, personal recounts.


This term has been all about place value, addition and subtraction. Children have revisited prior learning, ensuring they were ready to progress.


Living things and their habitats

Children explored the 6 kingdoms of life, including classification of vertebrate and invertebrate

Studying living things

Children looked at how Sir David Attenborough and Dame Jane Goodall have been advocates for the safe and careful study of living things. They have started to explore lifecycles in more detail, thinking about reproduction in different animals and plants.

Geography and History

Where in the world are the United States of America?

In Geography this term, children have been learning more about the United States of America. They have an overview of the different features of the USA including both physical and human landscapes, as well as the interactions between them and the important issues that these interactions create. They have developed strong locational and place knowledge of the USA, as well as an understanding of how this region is different from the United Kingdom.

What legacy has Early Islamic Civilisation left for the people of 2021?

In History this term, children have identifed that the period in time that encapsulates the Early Islamic civilisation and success of Baghdad was parallel to that of Saxon/Viking Britain. They are able to discuss the significant differences for people at this time, and that the advances of this civilisation has impacted hugely upon Western society. They are able to discuss the expansion of the civilisation and its ultimate end.

Special Events

Enterprise week!

On the 6th October, the children ran the first of this year's enterprise weeks. Children were allowed to purchase a pitch, and sold a range of pre-loved toys, books and games. It was a roaring success!

School book fair

The children loved visiting the book fair this term, getting to see some new novels and share a love of reading as they explored the shelves.

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