Autumn Term 2020



For English this term we have been covered lots of fantastic topics. We wrote writing persuasive letters and leaflets, including letters about the behaviour of Veruca Salt in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and leaflets about Greece. We have also found out about Aesop and his fables, writing our own version of a familiar fable. We have written our own instructional texts about washing a woolly mammoth.  We have linked our English to our History topics; including writing our own version of the Egyptian Cinderella story, information text about Rosa Parks for Black History Month and following instruction text to make our own Remembrance poppies. Drama activities have been great fun in our English topics. At Christmas time we learnt the poem ‘The Night before Christmas’ and recited it as a class.


Our Maths this term has been all about times tables and place value of numbers. We are becoming Superstars with 3, 4 and 8 times tables. Learning all about 3 and 4 digit numbers and adding and subtracting within these numbers. We have been learning how to multiply and divide 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers, including with remainders and exchanging.


The Human Body is our Autumn Term topic, covering Skeleton, Muscles, The Digestive System, healthy lifestyles and Food Chains. We made a model of a moving muscle, identified and compared skeletons of different animals and how to keep our bones healthy. We have considered where animals and humans get their food and nutrition from and compare the diets of animals and humans. Investigating food chains and consumers, predators and prey.


Ancient Past is the focus of our History learning – particularly looking at Ancient Egypt. We had a fantastic time joining in with an Egyptian workshop and have mummified bodies (not real bodies) in groups. Finding out about Egyptian Gods and Pharoahs is really interesting, we learnt even more from our class novel ‘Secrets of a Sun King’. Learning to write in hieroglyphics was interesting and fun too.


Our Geography focus for the Autumn Term is ‘Where in the World’. We focussed on Greece and its’s islands. Finding out about location, human and physical features of Greece. We know the seas and countries that border Greece, the landscape, including mountains and the houses in Greece. We even wrote persuasive leaflets about Greece in English.



Our RE question for the year is ‘Who should we follow?’ The Autumn terms allowed us to find out about people who follow God and find out more about organisations such as the Samaritans and Dr Banardo. We talked about people who inspire us. We have found out about how Muslims follow the word of Muhammed (PBUH).



We have been lucky enough to enjoy lots of great PE sessions including Dance at the church hall, Gymnastics and invasion games. Our PE lessons are delivered by Callum from Pro-sports and Hyndburn Sports Partnership.


We are working on our ICT book creator booklets. Starting with My Online Life and Online Detectives. Learning about the importance of our identity online and taking care to make sure we check for accurate information when using the internet.


We are covering the units ‘What makes a good friend’ and ‘Keeping Safe’ this term.

Learning how friendships support our wellbeing and how we can support others and creating a recipe for a Good Friend. We are talking about how we can seek help in times of feeling lonely or excluded. We supported Anti-bullying week with Odd Sock Day- United against Bullying. Keeping safe has included us looking at hazards in the home.


We enjoy following Charanga for our Music sessions. Learning lots about rhythm and beat in songs. We are beginning to play instruments such as Glockenspiel and Samba Drums.