Our Learning


In English, we have been studying the books Holes by Louis Sachar and Hidden Figures. We have used a range of writing techniques in response to this including writing persuasive letters, biographies, and newspaper reports.

In Autumn 2, we studied Beowulf, and created some real blood-thirsty writing!


In maths this term we have been focussing on consolidating key skills including place value, Roman Numerals and our understanding of the four operations. We have also been securing multiplication and division facts.


In Science, we have been learning about light, thinking about how we see light, where it can come from and how it affects the way we see things. We have created shadow puppet shows and prisms in our experimentation. Then in Autumn 2, we studied the circulation system and had the opportunity to dissect a real heart!


In Geography we have been learning all about the location of Mexico, its human and physical geographical features and how to locate it. We have studies maps and atlases as well as digital maps to find out key information about the country.


In history, we have been studying how different Roman Saxon Britain was to Roman Britain. We have found out when this period of time can be found in both World and British history, and then looked specifically at invasion and what this meant for Britain. We looked at how the Romans brought a range of different inventions and new ways of living to Britain too.

Art and Design

In Art and Design, we have been studying Freida Kahlo. We have found out about her life and influences, critiqued her art pieces, and created self-portraits in the style of Kahlo in a range of mediums.


In Spanish, we have been studying the unit ‘All about Me’. We have learnt :

  • how to say when my birthday is in Spanish

  • describe how we are feeling in Spanish

  • participate in an introductory conversation in Spanish

  • confidently describe himself/herself and others in Spanish

  • use a reflexive verb in a sentence


All the learning half term was focused around one song: Livin' On A Prayer. We have followed an integrated approach to music where games, the dimensions of music (pulse, rhythm, pitch etc), singing and playing instruments are all linked. As well as learning to sing, play, improvise and compose with this song, children have also listened to and appraised other classic rock songs.


This half term we have learnt about what makes up a person’s identity. We have focussed on the different factors that affect each one of us, and how we should respect and value our differences.


We have been studying Christianity and about how we view sin in the world. Children discussed how temptation is all around us and how mainstream media use this to influence the way we behave and the choices we take. We also looked at where the sin of temptation is discussed through the story of Adam and Eve.


In the unit my online life we secured knowledge of the risks of their online lives and developed skills when using online services. This led well onto our youtuber unit where we learnt about the pros and cons of becoming a youtuber and also started publishing on the school YouTube account!