Saplings Our

School Day


Start of the day – 8.55am
Lunchtime - 11.50am – 1.00pm

End of the day - 3.20pm  

Reception Class Routine:


Registration (either on the carpet or self-registration), phonics, Independent and/ or supported play. Guided play and talk.

Children always have access to indoor and outdoor continuous provision.

Focussed activities (children are grouped and work on specific tasks alongside an adult).

Snack time (healthy option food and milk or water).

Children are supported and supervised throughout lunchtime. They have their own play area where they are safe, contained and with adults that are familiar to them.


Afternoon As the morning routine.

Behaviour – Children at Sabden have very good behaviour with lots of good modelling displayed by most children across the day. In reception class we have an interactive Bee Hive wall display to reinforce good behaviour, positive choices and independence. We also have a whole school house point system where they are rewarded for exceeding expectations in their respect, level of challenge and resilience.

Reading – Once a school reading book is finished pupils are welcome to choose a new book within their ability range from our large selection of books in school. Children can access additional eBooks on the Oxford Owl Reading Website.

Once on the website, if you click on eBooks and then on levels, you can then select books from the colour band your child is on.

PE – PE sessions are run twice a week on Mondays and Wednesday Pupils wear a separate PE uniform that they wear on these days. The uniform is a white crew neck t-shirt or polo shirt, black leggings or when appropriate black shorts and basic, all black trainers. On PE days children do not wear ‘normal’ school uniform.


Continued Learning at Home – Sabden offers a range of online activities for pupils to undertake at home. Teach Your Monster to Read and Phonics Play. In reception we also have a hone learning journal.


Pupil voice – Children take part in two school questionnaires each year and several specific surveys throughout the year. Children in reception are given class responsibilities which change every term.